AP Mobile Notary Austin Texas


Loan Document Signing - $125
Price includes:
    All Notary stamping and signatures needed
    Up to 25 miles travel 1 way to the location that you pick within standard service area
    Overnight documentsFREE if FED EX account number is provided. $10 fee if no account number is provided plus cost of shipping.

Travel Fee's / After hours fees
0-20 miles, $25
21-50 miles, $1 per mile additional round trip.

After hours fees and weekend/holiday fees negotiated per transaction, Minumum $30 Fee

Printing Documents / Transmitting documents
We will print the fist 20 pages of any document FREE
for 21-100 Pages we charge a $25 print fee
for 101-250 pages we charge a $50 print fee
Over 250 pages we charge $75
$1 per page scanned

Texas State Notary Mandates, Fee Schedule

Certified Copies $6
Protests $4
Jurats $6
Oaths, affirmations $6
All other notarial acts $6
Certified Copies of Notarial records $6 for notaral certificate, plus $0.50 a page
depositions $6 plus $0.50 per 100 words
Proof of acknowledgment $6 for first absent principal, plus $1 for each additional signature
Acknowledgements $6 for first signature, $1 for each additional signature on the same document.

Notary travel costs, wait times and document print charges are not included in the rates above. For the above state fee schedule AP notary also charges $1 per mile round trip to and from your location on top of the state mandated fees which is a normal customary cost. AP Notary has a minimum $25 travel fee for any notary assignment we travel to. 

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